• Jacki Rowles

Salesforce was made possible by (1) Steve Jobs, (2) meditation, and (3) perseverance.

CEO Marc Benioff practices mindfulness every day. He says he "empties himself of all his thoughts, and he tries to hear the future". So far he seems to have got it right: Salesforce is the fastest growing enterprise software company. Of. All. Time.

In this article Benioff talks about his mentor (Steve Jobs) and how he uses mindfulness. It seems to have paid off not only in classical success (scale and growth) but seems to have produced a foundation that sets Salesforce apart:

  1. They are committed philanthropists doing the right thing (they give back 1% of profits and equity, employee time and their products).

  2. He was also early to deal with the gender pay gap. Two years ago he was shown data showing Salesforce's female employees were paid less than men. Without knowing the impact of equalising pay he did it (as it turned out $3 million a year).

  3. There's a meditation room on every floor of their new head office tower

He's the kind of CEO I can admire; he's delivering for his shareholders and doing the right thing (not just trying to be seen to be doing it). Contrast that with the likes of Uber's CEO who was fired for their toxic win-at-all-costs culture.


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