• Jacki Rowles

Make failure a positive feeling

This short article is an easy read that covers some heavy medical research (which I didn't find an easy read). It's written for entrepreneurs. It shows that mindfulness:

  • reduces cortisol levels (cortisol is the hormone that our bodies release in response to stress)

  • thickens grey matter in the brain (so we can handle information better).

  1. If you're an entrepreneur there's four benefits mindfulness will deliver:

  2. Improves focus

  3. Awaken creativity

  4. Communicate more effectively under stress

  5. Make failure a positive feeling

I've seen evidence for the first three several times but the last one really struck me - failure as a positive feeling. Entrepreneurs see failure a lot more frequently than those in corporates by the nature of their ventures - some win and win big but most fail. It's the entrepreneur mindset we're all being asked to adopt in the large change projects and digital transformations of today in these large corporates. And we will necessarily face risk and failure as would an entrepreneur. Mindfulness the author argues "can teach your mind to manage your emotions more effectively and productively."You can read the full article here.

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