• Jacki Rowles

Great Teams Need Social Intelligence, Equal Participation, and More Women.

I had never heard of the C factor before reading this article, it refers to a level of

  • Emotional Intelligence,

  • Gender balance and

  • Social skill

that best enable team performance. A mentality that many organisations struggle to overcome (i.e moving away from individualism ), in getting people to work together in effective teams rather than a mind-set of ‘each person for them selves’ . I think with workplaces driven by what I call the 3 R’s (Robots, Restructures and Redundancies) it's understandable that this type of fear based individualist behaviour is amplified as job scarcity becomes a harsh reality. Interesting the article presents findings of a study whereby research participants are asked to read a person’s emotions based on looking at their eyes, (I know crazy hey ?). Another contributor to team success related to whether or not the team had a dominate person in the group (you know the type that over talk over others). Now most interesting is that highest performing teams were comprised of more women than men, reminding us of the importance of gender balance at work and specifically its impact on team effectiveness.

Read the full article here.


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