• Jacki Rowles

Fonterra identifies Emotional Intelligence as the most important of 6 skills for the future

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

"You can have the fastest car in the race, but without a good driver or pit crew you’re not going to win" according to Fonterra's Director of Strategic Capabilities & Organisational Health Vincent Vuillard. He's published a list of the 6 things our people need to be good at for us to win and is calling on New Zealand business, industry and government to build these.

I'd classify the first two as emotional capabilities and foundational to being able to to develop the next four as mental skills. The list:

Fonterra's number one and two are Emotional Intelligence and Resilience (though they call it Change Adaptability which I believe is the business outcome of resilient people):

"(1) Emotional Intelligence – this is the most ‘human’ of our skills and what sets people apart from all the technology being introduced. It’s about recognising and managing personal emotions and engaging well with others.

(2) Change Adaptability – with the rise of non-traditional ways of working such as project based roles, and flexible working hours and locations, people need to be resilient, ready to take charge and comfortable working in a rapidly changing world."

The next four are ways of doing work that result from people being emotionally intelligent and resilient. They are:

  1. Learning Agility

  2. Evidence-based Problem Solving

  3. Entrepreneurship

  4. External Orientation

You can read the full article here.


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