Jacki Rowles

My mission

I want to help people thrive, in the workplace and beyond.


I believe that there is a better way of being, one that enables both personal effectiveness and personal happiness.

When people thrive, they bring creativity, energy, dedication and loyalty to the workplace. 

My motivation

With my experience in corporate human resources and career coaching, and family counselling (cognitive behaviour therapy), I have the business and people know-how to help you improve your workplace culture, placing people at the heart of what you do.

​​I am inspired by the possibilities for positive social change through improved self-awareness, communication and cooperation. I help create social change by working with business to bring about a more heartfelt conscious leadership style.

As a former HR leader, I understand what it’s like to balance high performance with employee well-being, which impacts engagement, productivity and turnover.


I also know that people are the driving force of a thriving organisation and that without great leadership and a positive workplace culture, it’s impossible to sustain effective business and retain top talent.

Through Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence coaching, and the Search Inside Yourself program, I can help support  you bring about change to benefit your business and the people in your business.  

I am excited to soon be New Zealand’s first certified trainer of the Search Inside Yourself program that brings together all that I care about in helping businesses and people to grow. With the help of experts in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness, Chade-Meng Tang designed a program for Google that has now helped people in workplaces across the world.

I teach and coach executives, teams and individuals to be focused, to drive both personal and professional performance and effectiveness outcomes while improving wellbeing and retaining a strong positive regard for others.

My expertise


Tel: 021 1484 255